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L O T U S :   A   U N I Q U E   P L A C E   I N   H I S T O R Y

Since the day Colin Chapman established Lotus in 1952, the company has never ceased to innovate. This has earned Lotus a distinguished place in motorsport history. In Formula One alone, Lotus has achieved 81 victories, 102 pole positions and 13 World Championships from over 500 Grand Prix starts.

From the original Elite to the latest Evora, Lotus has remained true to its founding principles. Lightweight construction, efficient use of the minimum number of parts, a perfectly balanced chassis and tactile, communicative steering are evident in every driving icon to proudly carry the Lotus badge.

Colin Chapman B&W.jpg

Lotus designs have also beaten the best in World Rally, Le Mans, Indy Car, Touring Car and numerous Sports Car and GT classes around the world.

Lotus Elite REd.jpg
Gold Leaf F1 Car in air.jpg

Colin Chapman applied pioneering, lightweight engineering to every one of his race and road cars. He is widely regarded as one of the most influential automotive engineers of all time. 

From the introduction of the monocoque chassis, to aero-foil wings, ground-effect and active suspension, Chapman's innovations changed racing car design forever. Lotus continues to push the boundaries of automotive design and engineering today with expertise in lightweight construction, performance electronics, the bonded aluminum chassis, the worlds only mid-engined 2+2 sports car and the industry benchmark steering, ride and handling.

Lotus Indy.jpg

A deeply ingrained passion for innovation remains at the heart of everything Lotus does today.  

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