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Performance Through Lightweight

Throughout the 1950’s, Lotus constructed a series of aerodynamically advanced, lightweight Sportsracers. Typified by the revered Lotus Eleven that won its class at Le Mans in 1957, all were spectacular examples of Colin Chapman’s ethos.

Lotus Eleven.jpg

His passion for innovative, lightweight engineering was best encapsulated by his famous quote from the launch of the Lotus Seven in 1957:

“to increase performance, add lightness”.

Chapman’s engineering ideals, proven time and time again in the toughest of environments, are more relevant today than ever. They live-on in the celebrated Lotus Elise. Launched to great acclaim in 1996, this midengined, rear-wheel drive, ultra-light thoroughbred redefined the sports car once again.

Elise Series 1.jpg

Its revolutionary, bonded aluminum chassis delivers the ultimate driving sensation, providing exceptional feedback with thrilling acceleration and extremely low running costs for the performance on offer. Over two decades later, it remains unmatched for precision, agility and pure driving engagement.

Today, the Lotus Lightweight Laboratory maintains Colin Chapman’s legacy and ensures that his ethos is applied to every new model. After a complete strip down, every component is assessed and optimized through redesign, change of material, change of supplier or integration. If one part can be made to do the job of several, this is where it happens. Improvement is continuous. The quest to add lightness never ends.


The result is the fastest, most exciting, most capable range of road cars Lotus has ever built.

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